Kash Doll and Asian Doll reignited their beef on Twitter after Kash Doll called out Asian Doll on Twitter. She wrote, "Asian been not liking me over a n***a i didn’t even want! She be fronting to y’all! I’m a grown [ass] woman i never had beef with her i think she’s like 20 but u can’t keep popping off when u was a fan before and i embraced yo lil ass!"

It took less than an hour for Asian Doll to respond with a tweet that read, "Been on my d*** since I was 19 b***h get a grip already. Shut up you talk to much not enough recording!! Asian doll has No beef with nobody! I’m in album mode."

This comes after Kash Doll called Asian Doll "little doll" in response to a November 2017 tweet that read, "I been doing this DOLL s*** & Ima die doing this DOLL s***."