Ugly God made the bold claim that his Instagram was shut down earlier this week by the government because they don't want people knowing the truth about the flat earth.

The "Water" rapper took to Snapchat Wednesday and shared a screenshot of the Instagram post he believes got his account shut down. "This is what I posted on my Instagram," he captioned the screenshot. "After about 30 minutes, my whole account was deleted."

In the post, Ugly God spoke about religion and his thoughts on the earth being flat.

"The Earth is supposedly round, but we’re not allowed to visit the two poles of the Earth (the ONLY thing that will prove/disprove this)," he wrote. "I believe in God, but God didn’t write the Bible. Man did. If everything we worship/believe is based off of the Bible, then what did people base their beliefs on before man wrote the bible?"

Continuing, Ugly God wrote, "Not one person on Earth is smarter than another because at the end of the day, everything we know is only based off of what another person is telling/has taught us. So before you call somebody dumb or stupid, you only feel that way because people have told/taught you just stuck more than it has to the ‘dumb’ person. Everything is fake and everyone is ignorant in a sense."

After his Instagram account was allegedly deleted, the rapper hopped on his alternate meme account and wrote about it being a conspiracy. "The government really be watching I feel like and they don't want y'all ni**as to know the truth."

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